Disco 360 Ice LED Party Light


Brand: RED5


Get your home ready for your next big house party with the disco 360 ice. If there’s anything to get bums off the sofa and feet onto the Dancefloor then this is surely it. Transform your living room into a nightclub in an instant with this amazing LED lightshow.

Simply plug in the disco 360 ice and you can get the party started. Packed inside this tiny gadget are hundreds of LED’s that light up in every colour you could imagine. These lights are bright enough to spread across the room and will dance in time with your music. Place the disco 360 on a table, or go wild and mount it on the walls or ceiling for 360° of incredible lighting.

  • Super bright LED lighting
  • Projects 360° of lighting
  • Dances in time to your music
  • 48 colored LED’s
  • Wall mounting option