Hairdorables Dolls Series 2


Brand: Flair


Collect all 26 Hairdorables dolls from Series 2. Each box contains surprises! Every doll comes with its own accessories, including a colour changing accessory (fashion, hairstyle, etc...). Every Hairdorable doll has a different style and personality - which Hairdorables doll will you discover?
  • Pull, peel, and reveal 11 surprises to find out which Hairdorables girl is inside!
  • Each box contains 1 Hairdorables doll and 10 other surprises
  • Each poseable doll has thick, shiny and colourful hair that is perfect for brushing and styling
  • Each doll comes with mix-and-match outfits and accessories
  • 26 Dolls to collect
  • Suitable fro 3+ years
  • One random model in each box
  • One box supplied