Air Zooka Airzooka Air Vortex Cannon



Blast a ball of air over 20ft across a room! Yes.. Shoot a ball of air over twenty feet! Sounds impossible but it really does work! It works equally well indoors or outdoors. Ruffle someone’s hair or clothes, push paper off tables; the possibilities are endless. The Air Zooka will deliver a blast of air easily across a room by trapping air and then firing it forward. The Air Zooka does this by creating a vortex by pushing some of the air against the sides of the funnel which slows down a portion of what’s being fired, this slower air is then pulled by faster air which in turn creates the vortex and this most amazing effect.
  • Shoot a ball of air over 20 feet
  • Works indoors and outdoors
  • Creates a vortex of air with an amazing effect
  • Age: 6+