Animolds Squeeze Me Squawking Stress Chicken


Brand: Animolds


It’s been said for a while now that humanity’s technological innovations have come too far. We finally have a definitive answer to just how far men kind can push the boundaries of science… the Animolds Stress Rubber Chicken.

You heard us! This Rubber Chicken embodies the height of twenty-first century civilisation, and truly is a marvel of mechanisation. This chicken will supply you with hours of joy, and everyone around you with piercing headaches, as the chicken emits a powerful scream when you squeeze it.

As well as days of easy entertainment, this chicken doubles as a stress reliever! Just as your day becomes too much, give the chicken a squeeze and it’ll scream aloud when you can’t.

  • Suitable for absolutely anyone, this clucking hilarious chicken will enchant the minds of anyone it meets.
  • Rubber chicken that screams loudly when squeezed
  • Both a hilarious toy and effective stress relief
  • Good company for the lonely
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Measures approx. 30cm height
  • Colour picked at random