Break A Leg -The Acting Party Game



Downham Priory Diamonds is a drama in the lives of Lord and Lady Mastham, their 2 daughters and the four servants below the stairs. Lady Mastham's Diamonds mysteriously disappear and everyone is under suspicion. An absolute must have for any party! No need to, ‘read your scripts', rehearse, prepare, or any of the hard bits. Characters are selected, usually at random (men can play female parts and vice versa). Just open the box and start reading from the cards. You quickly get into it and the ‘toasts' help a lot to break the ice. It differs from the ‘Murder Mystery' games because In several parts of the ‘play' the characters propose the ‘ Benidorm ‘toast' and all the characters have a drink, to something or other, - and this happens a lot! A game for 2-8 players.

Box Contains:

  • 4 Sets Of Script Card Packs
  • 4 Character Cards
  • 4 "Noscar" Cards
  • Directors Instructions