Candy Skull Shaped Poker Playing Cards



Thanks to these 'Day of the Dead' inspired Candy Skull Playing Cards, poker nights just got cooler, funkier and a hell of a lot edgier! Bring any cards night to life (or the living dead at least!) with these striking, colourful and funky Candy Skull Playing Cards.

They're Playing Cards that give any night some much needed colour and South American style. Bring the Mexican celebration and all its sugar skull chic to the poker table!

Candy Skull Playing Cards make a great birthday gift for the vibrant individual who likes their Playing Cards to be bright, vivid and unmistakably stunning! Perfect for birthdays, Christmas stocking fillers and your workplace's Secret Santa! Go on - bring cards nights to life with a colourful dash of 'Day of the Dead' distinction.

Give Candy Skull Playing Cards - the gift that brings a big piece of Mexico to your party!