Adopt A Meerkat Gift Box



Now let's be honest. You've heard the advert. You've got it stuck in your head. You quote it endlessly to all and sundry and won't allow anyone to say the word 'compare' without adding ''. Sounds like you - or someone you know? You need an Adopt a Meerkat gift box. Hilarious, maybe. Charitable and conscientious, most definitely. Help to conserve wild meerkats by adopting a wild meerkat on a South African conservation project. By adopting a meerkat, you are assisting Meerkat Magic, the only conservation project in the world which seeks to protect wild meerkats.

Discover all about meerkats and then simply register the gift by following the instructions. A meerkat photograph and a personalised supporter certificate will follow in the post. You will also be eligible for money off a Meerkat Magic tour in South Africa. As an official supporter, you will also receive regular updates directly from Meerkat Magic. After registration you will receive a meerkat photograph and a personalised supporter certificate, dispatched within 28 days of the registration details being received. You will also receive newsletters directly from Meerkat Magic, giving the latest news of its projects, achievements and conservation plans for the future. Simple.

You can register your gift online or by post. Register your gift before the ‘register by’ on your gift registration booklet. Meerkat Magic aims for as little impact as possible on the meerkat nature reserve so that they remain true to their natural behaviour. They encourage an 'Observe and Conserve' policy and the animals are completely wild. The meerkat reserve is located in Oudtshoorn, West Cape, South Africa. It welcomes guests for tours at certain times of the year. If you do decide to visit the meerkats, this gift entitles you to a 10% discount on a Meerkat Magic tour.

Box Contains:

  • Welcome Letter
  • Your Gift Explained
  • Gift registration instructions
  • The Magic of Meerkats booklet
  • About Meerkat Magic and the Meerkat Man
  • About Meerkat Magic Tours