Adopt A Spitfire Gift Box



This gift gives you the opportunity to be a part of Britain’s newest Spitfire squadron. Each aircraft is a two-seater Supermarine Spitfire MK 26B, which is a modern take on the legacy Spitfire. You will be part of a tribute squadron dedicated to all the people who made the Spitfire possible. It will include detailed information about the Spitfire you are adopting along with a registration sheet.

Once your gift is registered you are entitled to a free tour of the aircraft and hangar, you will become a ‘Spitfire Angel’ and will be kept up to date with Spitfire Events and will receive Newsletter Updates about the build progress of the tribute Squadron.

Here are some additional items that will also be included in your Spitfire Gift Tin:

  • Welcome Letter
  • Your Gift Explained
  • Spitfire Infographic
  • History of Spitfire Leaflet
  • Spitfire Anatomy Poster
  • Spitfire Women Fact Sheet
  • Spitfire Postcard
  • Registration Sheet
After Registration You Will Receive - A certificate with your name showing that you Adopted A Spitfire - A free tour of the hangar and Spitfires.- A Membership card entitling you to twelve months membership of ACESquadron as a ‘Spitfire Angel’. Summary:
  • Adopt a Spitfire MK 26B
  • Become a member of the ACE Squadron for 12 months
  • Receive a free tour of the hangar and the Spitfires
  • Your adoption will assist ongoing Spitfire construction and maintenance
  • The perfect gift for any aircraft lover