Don't Get Drunk Cards Adult Drinking Game



Don't get drunk - the drinking game! Includes 100 challenge cards. How to play: Shuffle the deck of challenge cards and place them face down. The first player takes the top cards from the deck and decides if they want to do the challenge or take the drinking forfeit. If the challenge is completed the player keeps the card, otherwise the player returns the card to the bottom of the deck. The first player to keep 7 cards win! Can be played with any drink - no drinks provided. Recommended for adult use only. Please drink responsibly.
  • As the name mentions, the aim of the game is to not get drunk, but it's harder than it sounds
  • The 100 challenge cards practically guarantee a wild night
  • Includes 100 challenge cards
  • Each player draws a card. If they complete the challenge they can keep the card. The first player to keep 7 cards wins.
  • Recommended for 2 players or more