Plasma Ball Medium 5” Lamp


Brand: RED5


Is your home missing that little jolt of electricity? Something to really make it pop? It's tough to tell sometimes, but we're sure that you'll now that the RED5 Plasma Ball is the perfect addition to electrify your house!

This glass globe has an inner surface that becomes streaked with bolts of plasma when it is switched on. We've been told it's perfectly safe, despite how it looks like absolute evil wizard magic.

With that in mind, you can keep it in your bedroom for a cool display when the ladies come over, or you can keep it locked away in your man-cave while you contemplate the finer points of Isaac Asimov's work while looking up cheat codes for the third generation Pokémon game.

  • A exciting ball of plasma
  • Have on display in your room or gaming den
  • The plasma ball emits safe bolts of plasma
  • Measure approximately 12.7cm