Drinking Roulette Wheel Shot Drinking Game


Brand: #Winning


Get all the thrill of the casino in the comfort of your living room with this awesome Drinking Roulette Game! So get your betting head on and prepare for a boys’ night in full of mayhem and madness! Complete with a roulette wheel, sixteen shot glasses and two roulette balls, this classic set is just like a normal casino wheel – just with an added cheeky twist!

The rules of the game are simple; fill the sixteen shot glasses with a drink of your choice. This can be something super boozy for a crazy night in, or something a little tamer if it’s a school night. With a maximum of six players, each player chooses a shot glass which will have a corresponding number.

All you have to do is remember your number, then when the wheel spins, if it lands on your digits it’s your turn to take a shot! Ideal for Stag nights, weekends, boys’ nights in, or before you hit the town, this Drinking Roulette provides the perfect at home entertainment for grown-ups! Just remember to drink responsibly!

  • Casino style Roulette Drinking Game
  • Includes 1 table, 2 balls and 16 shot glasses
  • Spin the wheel and place your bets!
  • Play roulette with up to six players
  • Measures approx. 31cm x 31cm x 6cm