Mystery Mystic Magic 8 Ball


Brand: #Winning


Look for the answers to your question with this retro toy! The Magic 8 ball was originally manufactured in the 1950s and was used for fortune-telling. Our version, the Mystery 8 Ball, is a replica version and works the same way as other Magic 8 Balls out there.

This 8 ball is made from black ABS, with a big number '8' on. It looks smart and stylish and provides lots of fun. Get together with your friends and test out your fortune-telling skills with the Mystery 8 Ball. Simply ask a question, shake the ball and look out for a 'yes' or 'no' answer.

A classic retro gift, perfect for psychic enthusiasts or for those who enjoy a bit of fictional humour! Ready to use straight out of the box as batteries are not required.

  • Shake the Mystery 8 Ball to give answers to your future
  • This Mystery 8 Ball will provide the answer yes or no
  • Made from ABS and finished in a sleek black
  • A classic replica of the Magic 8 Ball
  • The ideal gift for those who enjoy fortune-telling
  • Great for kids and adults